friday five

1. essential oils

Who else is on this train? I know very little about the 'powers' of essential oils but I'm definitely interested in learning more about them, especially lately. We usually diffuse a sleep/relaxation blend at night to help us drift off into dreamland, but since we've into our new place, I've had the diffuser running on the reg to help us (me) destress from the move, and get this old house smelling like home. We've also been trying a blend of lemon + peppermint + lavender to help with spring allergies and congestion, and so far, so good! 

2. anastasia dipbrow pomade

I've shared my love for this product in a previous post, but felt like I needed to reiterate because I am SO obsessed. Again, I'm not an expert in this area, but I really love how natural my brows have been looking since adding this product to my routine. I usually outline the brow shape with a NYX pencil, and fill in with the Anasatasia Dipbrow Pomade using the brush linked below.

3. striped sundress by BP 


I meannnnnn... how cute is this dress? It's so girly and sweet! I just got this in the mail and can't wait to style it for spring!  Someone needs to invite me to a garden party. I don't think we're doing the Derby thing tomorrow, but this dress would be so so perfect for a Derby event (if you're still shopping for tomorrow's look, check online to see if it's in stock at your local Nordstrom... same day pickup!), bridal shower, graduation, or any spring event! Best part is, it's 40% off right now, so you score this cutie for $35!


4. origins 10-minute rescue mask

This mask has become a new favorite of mine! I think it's worth mentioning that I've become a bit of a facial mask hoarder, but hey, at least I admit it. I'm prone to breakouts - Whether they're hormonal, or the result of what I've been eating (and drinking), when I feel them coming on or if things are getting out of whack with my skin, I've been reaching for this mask. Ten minutes, and my skin instantly feels less stressed. The zinc oxide, sulphur and camphor work together to get rid of oil and dead skin, leaving your skin feeling softer and more even. Give it a try, friends!


5. printed shorts

I have a slight obsession with printed shorts right now! Can't. Stop. Buying. I shared one of my favorite gingham pairs on my Instagram feed a few weeks ago, but that was only the beginning, ladies! I think I'm so drawn to them because they're SO versatile and easy to style, and if you add ruffles or a tie-waist, I'm hooked. A simple solid cami, slouchy sweater or a chambray shirt are perfect - You can dress them up with some cute pumps or wedges or dress them down with sandals or slides. Easy outfit perfection! A few of my favs are linked up below!